About Mama Tigerlily

Hello, I’m  Mama Tigerlily. I am a self taught jewellery designer from the seaside town of Stonehaven in the North East of Scotland.

Mama Tigerlily has been  designing jewellery since 2013, and in that time, has become a trusted name in the handmade jewellery world and has a loyal customer base spanning the globe.  Mama Tigerlily specialises in gemstone and metal work  and has an array of designs to suit every style and budget. Customer commissions are a firm favourite¸and with three years experience in hand stamping metal, you can be sure Mama Tigerlily will work hard to create bespoke pieces just for you.

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Get in Touch

Mama Tigerlily

86 Braehead Crescent


Telephone: 07834369680
Email: hello@mamatigerlily.co.uk

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